Are You Smarter than a 12th Grader

    As you get it in the name this match is going to be a parody on most likely the most well-known quiz on the planet! All you will want to do in order to start would be to chise one thing that you believe you are capable of. It is possible to select out of science, literature, math, history and maybe even medicine! Each of them contains it's particular host - sexy anime stunner that typically not clothed nicely (for diversion or they're only that trampy - it si up o you to determine ). Even tho each query contains four answers to pick from you need to truly have any knoledge to triumph... or utilize a good deal of time and attempt to memorize the responses that not resulting in a match over. Pass all courses and not just would you get to mention you are more expensive than a 12th grader however you'll also be rewarded with more than an 80 manga porn pics! And a small hint to you - there's a checkpoint in query seven of each quiz.
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