SEP-Marge Poker

    People everywhere love to have joy disrobe poker. Springfield is not an exception. And who do you think is the largest devotee of disrobe poker here? It's non other than Marge Simpson! And in case you still don't believe it then you are welcomed to play her tonight! To distract you or make the game ven mor eexciting Marge will begin taking off her clothes even before you will begin to play. But of course if you want to observe all then you will have to win the game sooner or afterward. Round after round your principal task will be getting all of Marge's chips so she could change her clothes for the credit of them to keep playing. Game has few of the view settings and some will take some tiem to get used to but if you want poker, striptease and Marge Simpson then you will like this game!
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  • Added: 2018-12-21
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