Detective Lollipop

    This story is about Detective Dick. And yes, he heard quite some jokes about his name already. So let's get to the point. He has a lot of case in during his career but all of them seem to be pretty lame. And as it always happens with detective - the real case he gets when one day some real hot lady visits his office. The case might become something interesting at last! Indeed - this time our plucky detective will have to seek out a rare peace of jewelry that was stolen from his hot client. The investigation embarks. You will have to visit different locations, search for clues, talk with characters and so on. At some point you will have to answer the hardest question of them all - hot dark haired or buxomy blonde? And remember that this game has more than one ending!
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Invisible Gazer

This game will let you to try yourself in a role of secret agent. Secret agent on a top secret mission. If you can sonsider taking photos of hot busy chick while she is taking a shower a mission and call some sneaky pervert with photo camera an agent. Yet in this situation he will have to use all of his skills to stay unnoticed by the thing of his shooting. If only this shower cabin was not covered by condensating watersteam all the time... Anyway find the way to take as many photos as possible and dont' get caught by doing that - pay attention to this chick's warning meter and take your shots in a most ideal moments. Don't wonder if you will have to begin the game from the begin a couple of times - this kind of job requires some skill and a lot of practice before you will be getting results.

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The Raging Professor

This is a story about professor Adam. He has been working in his laboratory for years and finally he found a secret formula for a liquid that can stop time. So he uses his magical invention and tries to come across all girls that he want to fuck.

Tags: mad, secret, time, fuck
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The Cruise: Part 1

This is first part of the 3D erotic game series (still may be a series tho ) called"The Cruise". In this game you will observe the adventures of two bombshells getting on an ocean tour together and they are so horny that the first thing they do when they get to their cabin they go lezzy! And this lezzy scene will be interactive - you will need to discover active spots and use one of actions to do an action. All these actions are descirbed in"How to play" section of the menu so you better check this out first - without this skill you might get stuck at some point (even tho that stucking in cabin with two young sexy lesbians may not sound like a bad thing at all). Just remember that if pleasure meter filling up then your action has an effect.

Tags: part, wife, going, cruise, wendy, sex, understand, secret, strip, game
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Secret Society

An ordinary student studies at a regional technical college. His name is Brian. One evening the bell rang. A female voice tells the dude that he has a unique chance to fulfill his fucky-fucky desires. To do this, he needs to go to room number 104. The next day, Brian comes to the room. There he sees 3 nuns. They are from the secret society"Wismaster". They practice dark magic and can make any fantasies come true. Brian immediately says his desire. He wants to fuck buxom lecturer Miss Aniston. The gals begin to prepare a spell and after a couple of minutes Brian sees naked Miss Aniston. Definitely now he can fuck this buxom lecturer in her tight slit and round caboose. Want to know the continuation of the story? Then do it right now.

Tags: secret, really
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